Elliot Lake, Ontario Curling Getaway



The City of Elliot Lake operates the Municipal Airport year-round.  The airport is certified by Transport Canada for airline service.


1,372 m x 30 m (4,500 ft x 100 ft) paved and lighted runway;


High pressure fuel pump;

Weather reporting service;

Terminal building with washroom facilities and area for flight planning.

There is no regularly
scheduled service.




Elliot lake Curling Getaway

The Curling Club in Elliot Lake was built by Denison Mines Limited in 1958 and at the time boasted six sheets of “artificial” ice. The facility was called the “Elliot Lake Granite Club” and soon became a curling Mecca in the north throughout the 60’s 70’s and 80’s. When Elliot Lake fell on hard times with the closure of the mines in the early 90’s the community reinvented itself as a retirement community. Although these were tough times the Curling Club managed to survive and thrive as it focused its efforts on gaining new members from those new residents who were seeking retirement in the community. 

In the 1990’s the club underwent significant changes with world reknown icemaker Dave Merklinger, who made ice in his own club near Ottawa but also for the Provincial finals, the Brier and the Tournament of Hearts.

He was hired to oversee the revamping of the existing club. The curling club is indebted to Dave Merklinger for his expertise and his foresight. He changed the six sheet ice surface to five making each sheet fully regulation size. He oversaw the changes that made the club, not only more energy efficient but also made changes that provided “curling friendly” temperatures and more importantly, an atmosphere conducive to the making of excellent ice.

When the City of Elliot Lake began to market itself as being part of the Deer Trail, the Board of Directors of the Elliot Lake Granite Club changed its operating name and logo to that of the Deer Trail Curling Club to take advantage of the overall marketing scheme and so it remains to this day. The present day curling club boasts an active membership and has played host to many high profile curling events in Northern Ontario.

Elliot Lake, Ontario Curling Getaway Elliot Lake, Ontario Curling Getaway